Tuesday, June 3, 2014

OV9650 Breakout

I made this breakout for the OV9650 a while ago, and I've been waiting to test it before sharing, I finally had the chance to do so, I used an FPGA this time for testing, and here's the result:

The breakout has two SOT23 LDOs for the sensor's core, digital and analog supplies and requires a single external 3.3v supply, note that most sensors have internal regulators for the core supply, so technically you only need one, anyway, those LDOs should be fairly easy to source, their exact voltages depend on the sensor used. The board is compatible with a few other Omnivision sensors, such as the OV9655, OV7660, OV2640 etc... however, make sure it has the same pinout...

Here's the breakout and Eagle library:

Alternatively, you could order the PCB directly from OSHPark:


  1. Hey Ibrahim,
    I have been following your progress very closely and congratulations to all the work you have managed to finish up. It's really commendable.

    I have been entrusted to develop our own camera module for our cubesat and I have been working on both the hardware and software basing on stm32f429zi processor and their relatively new HAL. Here's a link to pic of breakout I made for our image sensor


    My question is, I want to learn the proper theory and basics of embedded vision (camera) but I don't seem to find any book that incorporates everything that I need.

    Would you recommend some books that I could read to get better understanding of making image sensors work?

    1. Thank you!

      I don't know of any embedded vision books, but I think the same concepts apply, if you know how to port/implement/optimize code to your platform, you'll be fine :).