Sunday, June 14, 2015

AMS00x BLE Module

I found this little guy while looking for parts on Mouser the other day:
It's a $6.50 certified BLE module from ACKme Networks based on a Broadcom ARM Cortex-M3 SoC! The module breaks out the ADC, USART, SPI, I2C, PWM and GPIOs and ships with a pre-loaded firmware called TruConnect that lets you control the module via the serial port.

They also have a dev board, with switches, buzzer, RGB LED, accelerometer, switching regulator and an FTDI chip great for quick evaluation but It's a bit expensive and there's a jumper on the backside! I had to buy one anyway because the module was not stocked yet, but I'll be getting the modules next time.
ACKme also released an iOS and Android apps for quick testing, the  iOS app has more features, it lets you read the ADC and switches, use the serial interfaces and upgrade the firmware OTA. However, I don't have an iOS device so I just used the Android app to connect to the module and blink the LED:

I made a quick breakout board for future modules, you can order it directly from OSHPark or checkout the repo if you don't need a dev board. Note: This breakout is Not tested!


  1. Hi,
    With that module, have you used any of the 4.1 BLE feature yet ?

    1. No, I just tested the module, but the datasheet says it supports 4.1